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Guidelines & Awards
  Flash Fiction Short Stories Artwork
Word Count 500 - 999 words 1,000 - 2,500 Up to 3 pieces

  Young Adult Adult
Age Groups Under 18 18 +

Conest Winners will be published in collections and read on the Stories from the Future Podcast.

Cash awards will be available depending on the support from our community & on Patreon.


No contest entrance fee.

Deadlines: Continuous / Ongoing
Entries received by Friday each week will be considered for the next week's episode.

The writing challenge is ongoing! We publish new episodes of the podcast every week, where the best of the stories we receive recently are read.

All copyright remains with the author.

May the Future be with You!


1) Plot, characters and/or imagery should embody positive values and ethics, and a vision of a thriving future.

2) Setting can be present day, or future, near or far-distant.

3) Themes should include one or more tangible, significant, practical changes to human societies / civilizations.

4) Include one or more ideological (mental, worldview) shifts that were important to embracing new ideas.

Click here for suggestions of Writing Prompts.

Copyright remains with the authors / artists.
Some or all submissions will be published in anthologies sharing similar themes, as e-books and print-on-demand. Artwork and stories that have not been awarded a cash prize may still appear in anthologies.

Published authors may purchase anthologies where their work appears in at cost.
There are no quantity limit on author's copies at this time (April 2021).
Authors may sell author's copies at retail price through their own distribution channels.

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We promise everything you receive from us will be sincere, genuine, and in service of a better future.

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