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Writing Prompts

Thematic Prompts

  • Cooperation over competition
  • Human societies that are living in harmony with nature
  • Technology that is based on principles of biomimicry
  • New Pronouns: Ki/Kin are mean 'Not separate from other' and do not refer to gender.
    See this article by Robin Wall Kimmerer: Nature Needs a New Pronoun.
    Prompt: Write a story using Ki/Kin pronouns.
  • Platonic & Confucian ideologies that the wise should advise the leaders Leaders who are virtuous, not wayward.
    Prompt: A wise council of global leaders is chosen.
    How are such leaders selected? How are ethics determined?
  • Spirituality, not religion, as the foundation of traditions
  • What is a just society?
  • What makes a good life?
  • Economic systems that do not use money

Plot Prompts

  • The 19th century visionary, Nikola Tesla, proposed a means for free, limitless electricity. How did a young 22nd century scientist finally prove that he was right?

  • How did the trend of Edible Landscaping become so popular that lawns started to be seen as undesirable all across North America and Europe?

  • A wealthy Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager has a crisis of conscience and becomes a philanthropist.
    What endeavors does he/she finance?

  • Virtual Time Travel has become possible. We can travel into both the past and the future, but only as observers, not in physical form. What time periods are we most interested in observing in order to learn from?
    Perhaps Ancient Greece to learn directly from Plato, Aristotle and Socrates?
    Perhaps Ancient China to meet Confucius and Lao Tzu?
    Perhaps the 24th century?

  • Not wind, or solar, but Tidal Energy proves to be the most efficient energy source of the future. Tidal Turbines now fortify the coastlines of 6 continents on Earth. While installing an archipelago of turbines in the Pacific Ocean, the remains of Ancient Atlantis are discovered.

  • An archeological expedition is undertaken to Antarctica. Despite significant leaps forward in Climate Regulation, the ice in Antarctica has melted to such a degree that evidence of an advanced civilization has been discovered beneath the permafrost. Carbon dating results are initially dismissed as impossible. The civilization seems to have been here around the time of the dinosaurs. It also seems that humans were not the only intelligent species alive on Earth at that time. How does the discovery of this ancient civilization beneath the ice finally end the climate change crisis? What else do we have to learn from them?

  • You are taken aboard an extra dimensional space craft, and shown a vision of their homeworld (and our future that could be) where their civilzation exists in peace and harmony, and without the need for an economy. What does that world look like?

  • Above all, be creative & imaginative!


Suggest your own prompts for us to list here to inspire others!



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