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About the Publisher

What do you envision a positive future looks like?
How can you get involved in bringing it about?

Green Effect Media launched the Stories from the Future Solarpunk writing contest in 2020.

The homegrown Green Effect Media has been around since 2008. We publish titles in the genres of solarpunk, philosophy and spirituality. Please don't hesititate to contact us about your project.

I'm Tom Tortorich, the face behind all of this, a writer since the age of 8, and self-publishing on Amazon since 2010.

I deeply believe that we need to focus on the future we want to create, not keep telling stories about dystopian gloom. The future is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Let's imagine the one we want.

My greatest influences are the science fiction writers of the last generation that envisioned a better future, as well as philosophers (ancient and modern) who had something to teach us about how to live well.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Jules Verne both saw a society that had evolved out of its infancy. Philosophers like Alan Watts, Charles Eisenstein, Daniel Quinn, Confucius, Buddha and Lao Tzu all had a lot to say about that. I'm sure you do, too! I hope you will transcribe your thoughts in words or images!

I recently contacted Amazon to ask if they would be able to add solarpunk as a subgenre of sci-fi. I'm still waiting to hear back. In the meantime, feel free to check out my Amazon author page.

I am also a national public speaker: "The Birds & the Bees of Climate Change"

May you be inspired to write your own Stories from the Future.

In the words of Jules Vern's Captain Nemo, "There is hope for the future .... in God's good time."

And In the words of Captain Picard, "Make it so."

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We promise everything you receive from us will be sincere, genuine, and in service of a better future.

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